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Topic: New features

I've just found SlashOrg Downloader and it's close to what I have been looking for!

I have had a couple of problems, first the permissions set on a default install are very restrictive.
I had to change the permissions of the files in the css and images folder to 0444 to allow the images to be displayed in the browser.

These are some features that I would like to see implemented:
1. Rewrite rules Instead of a link pointing to ?p=removeme.txt have it instead point to removeme.txt
2. Download counting Or download logging. Count the number of downloads per day/month/file/IP etc
3. Download limit Limit the number of downloads per day/month based on IP address

If you need any clarification on any of these points, or need help, just contact me

Thank you

Re: New features

Hi Unreal,

I would like to first thank you for writing this unique piece of code. It's incredibly helpful, and is really unique.

I want to confirm the request by roganty on some kind of counting/reporting feature. I would find it awsome to know which files were downloaded, how many times, by which IP, which code was given by whom (this we have in the DB table).

I appreciate your work on this tool.

thank you