Topic: overall gentoo experience?

What is your overall experience with using Gentoo on the beagleboard?  Do packages install nicely, or are you constantly monkeying with broken packages, masks and the like?

I know that Gentoo doesn't officially support ARM, so I am concerned that using it on ARM could be a huge hassle, and I just wanted to know what your actual experiences are.

I'm a longtime Gentoo user on x86/amd64.


Re: overall gentoo experience?


You are right: some things are broken, some packages don't install, it required quite at lot of fiddling to get things working. However, it's the only distro that really works well on the slow CPU of the Beagleboard. Most other distros for ARM are compiled with really generic options to be compatible with as many CPUs as possible. Try Debian for example, you'll soon discover how slow it runs...