Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Added by unreal
This version adds 2 new features requested by users:

Anonymous access support

This allows the administrator to make the entire shared area accessible to anonymous visitors or to define an anonymous folder visible to anonymous visitors. In either case, anonymous access is read-only.

If you're performing a fresh install, you can activate anonymous access through the installation wizard which will automatically include the options ($AnonymousAccess and $AnonymousFolder) to the configuration file, making it easy to update the settings at a later date.

If you've already installed SOrg Downloader and you wish to activate the anonymous access mode, you'll will need to edit your configuration file (conf.php) and add the following lines to the end of the file:

// Allow anonymous access (true/false).
$AnonymousAccess = true;
// Specify an anonymous folder.
// Leave empty to allow full access or enter a folder path ending with a slash, like "share/public/".
$AnonymousFolder = '';

Support for non expiring access keys

By entering "-1" in the "Days" box when you share a folder, you can generate access keys that will never expire automatically (but you can still delete them via the Control Panel). This can be useful if you wish to integrate SOrg Downloader into another website.

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Added by unreal
Some bugfixes/compatibility issues were resolved:

  • A SQL error could occur with some usernames
  • Wrong email address displaying in the Preferences menu
  • Improved compatibility with servers using Magic Quotes mode

And one new feature added:

It is now possible to give a user file management rights (uploading and deleting) without allowing them access to the admin configuration menus.

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Added by unreal
The iconv extension is not required for the script to run anymore. If the extension is detected, then it will be used, otherwise the script will run in compatibility mode.

Improved Windows compatibility: Windows doesn't support the '%R' time format, so it needed to be replaced with '%H:%M'.

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Added by unreal
This release offers lots of new features:

  • Language handling without Gettext (which was too much hassle)
  • New user interface
  • Download speed thottling
  • Charset support

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Added by unreal
Very first public release.

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