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This page aims to help users getting Gentoo Linux running on a Beagleboard. For this, I provide various ready to use stage3 and complete Gnome ready images. Following the installation instructions, most users will be up and running in no time at all.

My Beagleboard running Gentoo


Because most Linux distros are not optimized for the OMAP3 with its armv7-a core. That leads to poor performance because special optimizations are required to get good performance from the SoC. On top of that, it is necessary to tune the installed programs to use as little memory as possible, since to board operates with 256MB of RAM and no swap. Gentoo is ideal to optimize as much as possible.

Check out the categories below for more information on the project and how to install Gentoo on your BeagleBoard.

  • Requirements
    Find out what you need to install Gentoo on your BeagleBoard
  • Getting started
    Using precompiled images Gentoo images optimized for the BeagleBoard
  • Downloads
    Download kernel images and various precompiled Gentoo images
  • FAQ
    Frequently asked questions section
  • About
    What is this BeagleBoard thing? Find out more!