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This is exactly what i'm looking for. a very good and simple download management application. Thank You very much for developing such terrific application, well if ask me what can improve more; i would suggest :

1- is it possible to make an 'Option' for the access key expiry to start count after the first time user access else it remains the time that being set.

2- we (administrator) create the access key, it's good to have a features that we can sent the access key or the link to who we want - through email with single button (sent) on the successfully key generation window.

anyway without the suggestion; this application is already too good. thanks again

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Hello wayz,

Those suggestions definitely sound like good ideas. I'll add them to the todo list, maybe they'll be ready for the next release.



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Hallo, first this is a very nice download management application after searching the web for many day's i finaly found this one. It works for me also but for me it would be nice to create the key generation procedure for file's to?

The goal is,
I want to allow somebody to download just that file he is alowed to download from my site.I also would like the Block this key to a single IP address function for that file only. 

Regards JohnT

p.s Excuse me for my bad english my dutch is much better ;-)

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JohnT > I'll see what I can do for the next release smile


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unreal wrote:

JohnT > I'll see what I can do for the next release smile

Thanks, i allmost finished the dutch translation.


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Nice smile

I'm busy working on your feature request now. It should be ready for some beta testing this evening.