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Since some questions come back quite often, I'll try to answer them here.

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I can't upload files bigger than 2MB. How's that?

This is not a limitation of my script but a consequence of the server configuration. If you manage the server yourself (test server, dedicated server...), then it's quite easy to increase the limit by editing the PHP configuration file. Open php.ini and edit the following lines:

post_max_size = 8M
upload_max_filesize = 8M

Don't forget to restart the Web server afterwards.

If you don't manage the server yourself, you could try asking the person who does to update the configuration file, but generally they will refuse.

When I open the file upload page, nothing happens.

SOrg Downloader uses a Java applet to handle file uploads; you will need to install the Java Virtual Machine for this to work. You can download that on Sun's website, make sure you get the "J2SE Runtime Environment (JRE)".

I can't install Java. Anyway around that?

I do recommend you install it, but if you really can't, try the following procedure:

1 - Download this file and unzip it into your "include" folder.
2 - Edit index.php to activate the non-Java mode:

if ($act == 'upload') {
    $MaxFileUploadSize = str_replace('M', '', min(ini_get('post_max_size'),
    $which_include = 'include/inc_upload_form_java.php';
} else {

if ($act == 'upload') {
    $MaxFileUploadSize = str_replace('M', '', min(ini_get('post_max_size'),
    if (isset($_GET['nojava'])) {
        $which_include = 'include/inc_upload_form_nojava.php';
    } else {
        $which_include = 'include/inc_upload_form_java.php';
} else {

Then, just add "&nojava" to the URL to use the non-Java mode, for example:


How can I restrict the types of files that can be uploaded?

In the current version, it is not possible to block or allow uploading on a per file type basis. This feature may be added at a later stage.

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