Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Added by unreal
This version offers much improved rights management as well as better interface ergonomics.

Rights management

Several users have asked for more flexible rights management. This has been included in the 0.99 release.

When you create a new account or setup folder sharing, you can now define the following permissions:

- Super administrator: has total access to all SlashOrg Downloader features.
- Partial administrator: is set up in the same way as "super administrator", but has a "path" block. Cannot access the "control panel".
- Write rights: can create folders and upload files.
- Delete rights: can delete folders and files.

Write and delete rights can be used together.

Note: the rights used by older versions of SlashOrg Downloader are completely forward compatible with the improved rights management.


- HTML "labels" for better accessibility.
- Better form aligning for a cleaner presentation.

Bug fixes

- Deleting an account also deletes that user's active session.
- Adds "/" to "path" if missing.


Thanks to LiFo2 for some really interesting ideas and source patches.

Posted on 22/06/06 at 11:21