Thursday, November 15, 2018
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The v1.00 release of SlashOrg Downloader includes several improvements and bug fixes.

Inaccessible files

In some unusual cases, the script might "see" the files without actually being able to access them. This causes PHP to display ugly warning messages. This version addresses this issue by checking a file is indeed accessible before attempting to access it.

Disconnect link

A user can now close their session without closing their browser.

Redesigned admin panel

To make the admin panel clearer when handling lots of users or shared folders, a new table-like presentation has been included.

Limiting file upload size

It is now possible to set a max upload size that is less than the actual server max.

- For new installations, just edit the SOrg Downloader configuration file (conf.php).
- To add this feature to existing installations, add the following code to the end of the config file (just before the closing "?>" ):

// The absolute max file upload size is defined in the PHP configuration on the server (i.e. entering a very large value here will not allow you to exceed the server setting). You can, however, use this setting to define a lower max file size for SOrg Downloader. Size is in kilo-bytes and '0' means use the absolute max size.
$MaxUploadFileSize = 0;

German version

Thanks to a German user, SOrg Downloader has now a complete German translation!


- Björn: for the German version
- LiFo2: for his help with the new admin panel

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