Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Added by unreal
This version adds 2 new features and includes 3 new languages.

Per file sharing

It is now possible to share a single file without sharing a complete folder. In this case, when the visitor clicks on the link, the file will start to download without showing any other files in the folder.

Common folders

The idea here is to show users additional shared folders outside their normal home folders. These 'common folders' appear as links and can be populated by administrators with files of interest to all users. Unlike anonymous folders, common folders require access rights.

You need to complete conf.php with the following information to activate this feature on updated installs:

// Commun folders are visible in read-only mode by everyone. Enter a ';' separated list of folder names relative to $UploadDir, for example 'files/;demo/download/'. Don't forget the trailing slash!
$CommunFolders = '';

New languages

SOrg Downloader now comes complete with Italian, Portuguese and Dutch translations!

Thanks guys!

The following people provided translations, great job!

- Lucilla: for the Italian version
- Flavio: for the Brazilian/Portuguese version
- JohnT: for the Dutch version

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